Hatch Font Pack 1 – Script

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Hatch Font Pack 1 – Script


Script fonts can give the look of handwriting to your embroidery designs. This is one of the hardest font types to digitize and look good. This package contains 3 sets of script fonts that have been professionally digitized for your casual to elegant embroidery projects.

Compatible With Hatch Customizer, Hatch Creator, and Hatch Digitizer.


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Recommended Stitch Sizes:

FontMin.Max.Great To Use When
Memo Script0.4 in, 10mm2.0 in, 50mmEasy to read script for small to medium size letters.
Handy Script0.5 in, 13mm3.0 in, 75mmWhen you need a narrow baseline. Use for medium size letters.
Eliza0.3 in, 20mm1.0 in, 80mmWhen you need a wide baseline font with a larger size range.


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