Hatch Embroidery Digitizer

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Hatch Embroidery Digitizer


Manually digitize your own designs with Hatch Embroidery Digitizer. Choose from many fill and outline types and customize your own embroidery designs for optimal originality!


For the ultimate all-rounder embroidery experience, Hatch Embroidery Digitizer takes machine embroidery to the next level allowing you to digitize embroidered designs from scratch! Advanced Hatch users can get professional looking results using resources that are modeled on existing Wilcom digitizing features. Use multiple tools such as “freehand”, “motif“, “ambiance quilting,” “color blending” and many more to create and digitize your very own designs.


Now also includes embroidery Appliqué, Break Apart and the Knife tools!


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Advanced Users

Digitizing Abilities For Advanced Users


Create new designs or turn your existing designs into something extra special! Professional digitizing tools are included in Hatch Embroidery Digitizer for those who want to achieve professional results through special effects and various customization options. The ease of use and versatility of these features gives users more options and saves time by providing a number of shortcuts- none of the complexity of standard digitizing software here. Digitize objects from scratch and then customize these designs using some classic, well-loved functions such as “curved fills” and “gradient fills.”

Choose How To Digitize

Choose How You Digitize


Stitch Types, Effects and Angles

ay down the basis for your design by taking control of the most important part of it, the stitching. Stitching ought to change when working with different objects, so whenever you alter an object its stitching is automatically regenerated and optimized according to the settings you are using.

You can get more creative by choosing the stitch type and customizing it further using the ‘gradient fill’ feature which gives your stitching unique gradient patterns by varying stitch spacing between dense and open fill. Best used with “tatami fill”. Similarly, use “curved fills” which utilizes the light and shade from your object to create curved effects

Cut and Fill Holes and Embroidery Connectors

Use Hatch Embroidery Digitizer to easily create holes in designs to prevent stitch build up or view stitches underneath.

Hand-draw Your Own Designs

Use the freehand tool to create designs that have a hand-drawn effect. Using freehand is the perfect way to get a more authentic embroidered effect as users get to transform their own drawings into embroidery designs. The freehand tool mimics the designs formed on an embroidery machine by freehand motion, however you get more freedom and flexibility to create designs your own way with the actual freehand tool. Use the freehand tool to create shapes, adjust line smoothness and complete freehand stitching projects.

Customize Your Way

Customize Your Own Way With Advanced Digitize


Color Blending

Get simple customization options with color blending. Merge two or more colors seamlessly by using the “create color blend” tool then edit color blends by grouping and ungrouping objects. This gives designs an instant and unique edge. Finally add some last minute touches by reshaping your objects to adjust gradient orientation.

Raised Embroidery and Custom Shapes

Choose between multiple methods of achieving 3D embroidery. Experiment the different textures and shapes with multiple features to help you create 3 dimensional designs. Users can create raised designs using 3D satin stitching or by using ‘trapunto’ techniques to fill designs, making them puff up.

Another way to get custom, textured designs is by using “carving stamps”, which gives users a template that can then be ‘stamped’ onto a background. Users can apply existing pre-defined patterns as well as repurposing objects as carving stamps. Once the stamp has been created, there is a further option to digitize split lines on the carving stamp.

Outlines and Offsets

Frame your designs beautifully. Outlines are easily generated with the “outlines & offsets” feature. Create outline stitching around selected objects or entire designs, and choose from multiple styles and formats. This feature takes the existing boundaries of each design and uses it as a template to create additional outlines. To create more customized outlines, “custom borders” gives you the power to create your own borders for use in monograms.


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